Vacation Income Property Coverage a Home Run

posted Sep 7, 2010, 8:47 AM by jon curtis   [ updated Sep 7, 2010, 9:26 AM ]
We offer Vacation Income Property insurance from MiddleOak, an A.M.  Best  A+ rated insurance carrier.  This insurance is specifically designed for properties in resort areas, rented full or part time, and under experienced management.  VIP insurance is available for 1 or 2 family homes and condominiums. 

Ordinary home and condo insurance policies do not provide the same coverage as policies designed for rental properties.  If you do not have the proper coverage, cancellation can occur at the time of a claim, when you need the coverage the most.  If the insurer learns that you have rented your property, it can result in considerably higher rates with different coverage.

Important coverage considerations for vacation income property owners:
  • VIP offers theft coverage  - many other polices limit or exclude this because of  rental usage
  • VIP includes rent protection coverage  - loss of rental income is often excluded on other policies
  • VIP is available to owners having property in their own name, the name of a Trust, business,  LLC or multiple owners  
  • VIP provides high liability coverage options for lawsuit protection. Many policies are vague about liability coverage for properties that are “occasionally” rented.  When you have a VIP policy, there is no question about the rental use – it is expected.   
  • VIP covers short term stays, seasonal or year round  rentals, and owner use of vacation income property
  • VIP offers watercraft liability coverage for canoes, kayaks, etc.  that you may provide with your rental
Special discounts provide excellent value!
  • Non-smoking policy discount
  • No woodstove discount
  • Freeze alarm discount
  • New home credit
  • Certified Property Manager discount
  • A variety of deductible choices are available to lower your premiums 
Call us for a quote for your vacation income property!  The premiums are competitive with standard home or condo policies, and you get more comprehensive coverage!