Rental Property

Vacation Income Property  /  Rental Property   

We offer insurance coverage for your vacation income property. Condos and dwellings in resort areas that are rented on a short term basis need a specific type of coverage.  This includes properties that are rented for the weekend, weekly, monthly, or seasonally; essentially anything under a full year long term lease.     

Ordinary homeowners and condo insurance policies do not provide the same coverage as policies designed for rental properties.  If you do not have the proper coverage, cancellation can occur at the time of a claim, when you need the coverage the most.  If the insurer learns that you have rented your property, it can result in cancellation or considerably higher rates with different coverage.

Important coverage considerations for short term rental property owners:

  • Theft coverage  - many polices limit or exclude this because of  rental usage
  • Rental income coverage  - loss of rental income is often excluded
  • Named insured  -  coverage is available to owners having property in their own name, the name of a Trust, business,  LLC or multiple owners
  • High liability coverage  options for lawsuit protection. When you have a large number of people  staying at your property, your exposure increases.

Call us for a quote for your vacation income property.  The premiums are competitive with standard home or condo policies, and you get more comprehensive coverage.